6th EMSSA International Conference

hosted by Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa & Emergency Care Society of South Africa

Sun City Resort, Gauteng
2-5 October 2017


Pre-Conference Workshops - 2 October 2017

EMECG presents the essential ECG Masterclass.

Chair: Drs Kamil Vallabh, Jacques Malan, Saád Lahri
It’s taught by Emergency Physicians that see patients on the frontline needing to make the first call on undifferentiated patients.
This workshop will focus on the 3 critical aspects of ECG interpretation in the Emergency Room.

  • Coronary anatomy and Infarct Localization – Let the Sherlock in you shine!

  • Wide complex Tachycardia – Charge the bunny!

  • Syncope – Obtain Hero status

The afternoon session will be group work – ECG Trouble solving Masterclass. You will be taught in an interactive, practical and case based presentation format making this ECG workshop unique.
Full day
Registration: R 1 250
50 pax (lectures & group sessions)


Chair: Dr Lucy Hindle
This informative, fun one day update on toxicology is aimed at doctors, paramedics and nurses. We will cover the latest in tox resus, tox emergencies unique to SA, recreational ODs, new party drugs and more.
The course is presented by Emergency Physicians in an interactive, rapid fire format of short lectures and "test yourself" quiz questions.
Full day
Registration: R 1 250
50 pax (lectures)


Chair: Dr Chris Stein
A workshop on the use of clinical simulation in emergency care at an introductory level, including simulation for learning and assessment. Applicable to all disciplines. Includes some practical activities, but mostly lectures.
Half day (am)
Registration: R 500
30 pax (lectures & practical)

Ultrasound Level 1

Chair: Prof Mike Wells

Course format:

Short focused lectures with real-time practical demonstrations followed by hands-on practice sessions under the guidance of an experienced point of care ultrasound instructor.

Ratio = 4 candidates per 1 instructor (full day workshop)  

Pre-course preparation:

No pre-course ultrasound experience required.

Pre course reading is highly recommended and will be provided prior to the Workshop.

Full day
Registration: R 2 500
100 pax (practical stations)


Chair: Dr Roger Dickerson

To gain insight, tips and tricks in various aspects relating to the critically ill patient in the pre- and in-hospital emergency environment and an approach to their ventillatory management. All medical, nursing and pre-hospital staff involved in the provision of Emergency Care to the Critically Ill - Medical Officers, Registrars, Specialists, Emergency and Trauma Nurses, ICU Nurses and Advanced Life Support Paramedics. Participants will rotate through nine different stations over the course of the day - each focusing on a different aspect of ventilation. Topics include: Noninvasive ventilation, Basic Invasive Ventilation, Pressure Controlled Ventilation, Volume Controlled Ventilation, Partial Support Ventilation, Novel Ventilatory Modalities, Transport Ventilation, and Ventilation of Children.

Half day (pm)
Registration: R 500
50 pax (lectures)


Chair: Dr Stevan Bruijns
Half day (am)
Registration: R 500
50 pax (lectures)

EM Nursing

Chair: Dr Rene Grobler
Half day (pm)
Registration: R 500
50 pax (lectures)